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Atiku Remains Best Option for 2023- Imasuangbon



Prominent member of the Peoples Democratic Party in Edo state, Kenneth Imansuangbon, tells Adibe Emenyonu that out of all the political parties’ presidential candidates, PDP’s Atiku Abubakar, has all it takes to lead Nigeria after President Muhammadu Buhari

Another election is around the corner to elect a new president by February 2023. Who among the presidential candidates do you think will carry the day from your own assessment?

This election is not about Tinubu, it is not about Atiku, neither is it about Obi. It is an election for Nigerians. Who will carry the day is Atiku Abubakar, Atiku is prepared.

For 30 years he has been wanting to be president. He already has the blue print. It is not just a wake up thing that one person will just come up to say he wants to be president.

Besides, he is psychologically, emotionally and spiritually prepared to serve now as president. Even now, the mood of the country supports Atiku’s candidacy.

Secondly, Atiku is exposed and experienced. Thirdly, he is a man of courage who will not be afraid to take the decisions for the good of the country.

Again, he is somebody who can assemble a team. We saw what he did as vice president under President Olusegun Obasanjo. Then our economy was one of the best in the world and Africa.

He was head of the Economic Team. Since that era, the economy has been down.

So economically, Atiku knows what to do. He is from the private sector as well as one who has experience of how the presidency is run.

He knows the right doors to knock at the right time and the keys. What this means is that from day one, he will hit the ground running. The country is sick and cannot afford to have a neophyte to lead the country and build infrastructure.

Atiku is one who will give us a true federal structure and reset the agenda for the economy and make our borders safe. We need a man who is experienced and whose name will open doors for the country; one who will not be intimidated and confused on how to run the country effectively.

If you put another candidate there, from day one, he will fall sick and go to London for treatment. Am sorry to say, you know one presidential candidate is sick even though I am not his doctor but he is a sick man. A man who cannot hold the flag of his party firmly, am afraid if made president cannot hold the future of his country effectively.

We saw what happened when President Buhari handed the party flag to him at Eagle Square, he couldn’t hold it and the President had to assist him to hold the party flag.

_Giving the political arrangement between North and South, a northerner by next year would have finished eight years, don’t you think it is wrong for the PDP to have fielded Atiku ?_

It is turn of the North in the sense that since 1999 to date, the South have had the presidency more than the North. Yar’Adua did just two and half years. Add that to Buhari eight years is 10 and half years. But Obasanjo did eight years and Jonathan almost six years equal 14 years. So let the North complete their turn. Even if it is the turn of the South, definitely, the South West have no business contesting. It should have been either the South East or the South South. Therefore, it is wrong for someone to say ‘Emilokan’. Why would someone even say it is his turn. Turn to do what? Sincerely speaking, if it is 10 or 20 years ago, well and fine if that should be the argument. So equity and justice demand that the North should complete their turn.

Saying the North should complete their tenure, don’t you think the turn of the South would have been taken should Atiku win and spend another eight years?

If Atiku wins and spend eight years, it will be the turn of the South. So the South should wait for their turn.

What if he fails to win the election?

Atiku will win

What gives you the confidence?

This is because there is no candidate that matches his credentials.

Talking about credentials, he is the least qualified among the top four candidates like Obi, Tinubu and Kwakwanso.

Atiku’s credentials are insurmountable. When I talk about credentials, am not referring to paper qualifications but ability to bring people together, assemble the right team from across the country and give everyone a sense of belonging.

Presently, we have cries of marginalisation and nepotism from different groups against the present administration. So, I assure you that when Atiku comes in, all this will be a thing of the past.

Obi is a social media president. Election is not based on social media but on reality. The mode of the country cannot produce Obi. I must tell you his time is futuristic. But Atiku’s time is now. Obi is for the future.

What do you mean that the mood of the country does not support other candidates but Akitu?

Today, there is insecurity everywhere. There is economic downturn, education at its lowest ebb, nepotism and lopsidedness in appointments.

And you think Atiku is the only one who can fix all these?

Atiku I bet you is the only candidate who can solve these problems. Tinubu and Obi lack the knowledge.

You claim Atiku has the ability to turn the economy around. As Chairman of Economic Team during Obasanjo’s time, he was accused of using that position to corner some national assets to himself. Do you think such a man can be trusted?_

That is not true. It is like me who has been in private business and when I come into government I will be accused of corruption. It doesn’t make sense. It does not add up.

Atiku said right from childhood, he has been in business. A man who has been in business since childhood knows how to make money.

But he was in Customs and was also a vice president?

Even at that he has never been tried for fraud. Those claiming he is corrupt has no basis. He is one of the few Nigerians that is not corrupt. People say all manner of things out of envy and jealousy. You remember Atiku’s role trying to stop Obasanjo’s third term bid. Those not happy with that are the ones clamouring that Atiku is a thief.

But opinions are rife that he blocked the third term bid because of his interest to succeed Obasanjo.

That is not true. I have known Atiku for a long time. The man is clean and passionate about Nigeria. He is also a true democrat. He does not talk much. He is a brain. He is decisive and loves the country. He is the kind of person the country needs now.

A man who can build a university is not a small person. Does the APC candidate have university? He is just there collecting tax in Lagos State. I run a group of schools in Abuja. My students in Pacesetter are everywhere making wave in their chosen career. That is through riches. It is not when you collect tax from people you say you are rich.

The presidency of Nigeria is for a pan-Nigerian and a patriot like Atiku and not for “Emilokan”. Atiku has been in business. From customs to business, from there to vice president and back to business. He knows the country in and out.

Coming back to Edo politics, although the governorship election will come in 2024. What is your stake when that time comes?

Yes, you are correct. The Edo governorship election is in 2024 which is still far but I am going to be in the race when the time comes.

How prepared are you?

Very prepared!

Courtesy Thisdaylive

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